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Friday, July 31, 2009

A New Embossing


These photos were taken before I put the finishing detail on; and I forgot to photograph the completely finished piece I was so eager to get it in the mail! Wish I had because the last item I added really brought it all together. Oh well, here it is in almost finished state.

It is about 4"x5" in overall size. The challenges to embossing a human subject, on this small a scale, are numerous and probably obvious. I have learned quite a bit, especially about leaving depressions instead of flipping the work over and depressing from the opposite side.

Most of embossing is done on the reverse side of the paper, pressing hardest for the areas that need the most loft: cheekbones, shoulders, brows, nose. Once I've completed the fuller impressions I flip the work to the right side and use a very fine-tipped point to define edges and details. The hardest embossing decisions revolve around small detailed areas such as eyes, lips and hair. They require a delicate play of impression next to depression. The first impression is usually the finest - repeated impressing in the same place wears out the paper, can look "deflated" or collapsed and won't take fine details - so getting it right the first time around small, detailed areas is imperative.

Anyway, the person for whom I made this piece is a very unique and talented one. May beauty bloom in unexpected places!


RowanDeVoe said...

wow, i don't know where to begin. i really love your art! it is just timeless, i can't stop looking at it and it is gorgeous-what stories it tells. i love how it is the opposite of what i do-i have tried to stop layering everything with millions of colours but i just can't. what a relief to come here and see something so different. and, i have to add that i watched your costume loves and freaked! i have many of those same pieces marked in books or torn out of magazines on my inspiration board or in file folders and have saved them for years! i must come back and see what else you are up to! i am glad i found your blog through robin of passing fancies.
take care!

Renee of the Fae said...

That is so neat! So, you had a live muse for this one? I'm so glad that you shared your technique; I've been very curious. *^_^*

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