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Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Store Opened

So our little one is well into her second year now and I'm finding little scraps of time here and there to unwrap all my carefully stored ideas and skills and dust them off.  

I have left my Etsy store closed for the time being.  Would love to stitch away at some more felt figures but they are just too tempting for little fingers in this house.  My drawing and cutting materials, however, are safely stowed at adult level for easy access during the little fingers' nap time and inaccessible access outside that window.  

I've opened a new store at Society 6. Artists can post there work, select what kind of printed products will be made from the work, choose their own profit margin, then get back to producing and promoting while the website handles sales and production. Can I just mention here how very intimidating it is to post there.  I did some browsing in the black and white category alone and came away frightened at the immense creativity and talent that is out there.  Most of my artwork is already sold or extremely small, and I don't have very hi-rez scans of any of them, so I can't sell a great variety of products.  I would love to be able to post for phone/laptop/tablet skins but that may have to wait until I get some new work done and find the time to get those slow-as-molasses hi-rez scans done and posted.  

All that to say, I'm hoping to come back on the art/craft scene.  If you have the inclination, and like my work, please consider signing in to Society 6 and clicking the promote button on your favorite pieces.  (It is next the the share icons under the price.) The more "promos" I get, the more visible the artwork.  


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mythical Poseable Felt Creatures have returned to House of Trouble

I have missed making my little mythical friends.  Hoping people will return to order some.  Available in black, white, and red, with or without bead embellishments.  Hope to see you visiting the shop!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

PRINTS are here!

I finally got to it  . . . prints of past works (and current work) are now materializing in my shop!  More on the way as I get my proverbial "stuff" together again, artistically speaking.  For now, hit my Facebook Fan page to get a 10% discount coupon code and grad a print from the shop.  Click here.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Proud new 'Vog owner!

Just went to Seattle yesterday.  It is officially in my "top five favority cities" list.  Of the many reasons it is: the Fluevog store.  I have been covetting a pair of Fluevogs for nearly 2 years now.  They are everything they are cracked up to be and more.  I'm certifiably addicted.

Monday, September 13, 2010


I have missed my little blog a lot lately, but have been so busy moving.  Yes, we are now in the great Pacific Northwest and loving it!  I'm about to embark on a new adventure artistically as well, mainly pursuing my craft full-time.  Our new place has a sweet little shed out back that will make the perfect hideaway studio . . . a real-life "House of Trouble" where Percy can clatter about and experiment without disrupting our tranquil house.  I hope to be up and creating in a few weeks here.

I have grabbed some little snatches of time to sketch but nothing is coming to life as yet.  So, until I start posting pics of my studio space and the artwork it coaxes out of Percy and I, here are a few little ACEOs I produced for my Etsy shop a month or so ago.

You Think I Won't . . .?


The Taste

ACEO stands for "Art Cards, Editions and Originals." Tiny works of art 2.5" by 3.5" (6.35 cm x 8.89 cm) All three above are ink on acid free Bristol.  Buy these and several others for the price and shipping listed OR convo me to trade for it with your own ACEOs or similar artwork.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Homage to my Grandmother

My grandmother turned ninety back in April.  She is about as quintessentially "grandma" as they come - she loves roses, birds, and the color pink.  Hence the more-than-usual frilliness of the silhouette I created for her.

She is also an artist.  An artist for over seventy years . . . and still painting.

I created the silhouette above in her honor, as she is a rather remarkable woman.   Rather than try to distill all her "remarkableness" into a small blog post, I hope to take her auto-biography (currently being written) and her prodigious amount of artistic work and create a website dedicated to her.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Feeding

Another little entry in my mini-sketchbook, started about the same time as "the Blessing", and finished just before it.  Curious to know what you guys may think it means.  I'm not sure myself.

And here is a little completed-in-two-minutes-collage-exercise, inspired by my current Mania of the Moment, Joseph Cornell. My husband and I collaboratively whipped it up from bits and bobs around our house. Every piece has a story - some are unknown - but they all add up to a small part of "us."

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