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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Feeding

Another little entry in my mini-sketchbook, started about the same time as "the Blessing", and finished just before it.  Curious to know what you guys may think it means.  I'm not sure myself.

And here is a little completed-in-two-minutes-collage-exercise, inspired by my current Mania of the Moment, Joseph Cornell. My husband and I collaboratively whipped it up from bits and bobs around our house. Every piece has a story - some are unknown - but they all add up to a small part of "us."

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Blessing

The Blessing

I have recently returned to my little Sketchbook project.  I started this particular silhouette some months ago but didn't finish it until last weekend.  A rather emotionally harrowing experience over the weekend made this piece suddenly come together, as if it were almost prophetic.  Sometimes we must put down our weapons and walk into the lion's den.  We know we will come out missing a limb, but the horror is still as potent when it actually happens.  And then you realize it was for a reason . . . maybe one you'll never witness for yourself . . . but a reason none-the-less.  And you are transformed into something you did not imagine was even possible.

A few more new pieces will be posted soon.  And here is a new poseable soft-sculpture in my Etsy store.  

Grace and adventure to you all today!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Uliana Lopatkina

Exaggerated as this may sound,  it is true: I have, in my thirty-three years of life, actually experienced nearly everything I could have wished, and some things I did not wish, but cannot regret.

Everything except one: learning ballet.  I never had ambitions to being a ballerina, I simply wanted to know how to be a ballerina - to be able to create moving, elegant, precise, and emotional forms with my own body as the medium.

I am well past the prime time (about 25 years ago would have been ideal) to have subjugated my joints to the ludicrous flexibility ballet demands.  I have found some measured contentment in unearthing my buried talent in yoga.  Forget the strength and health benefits!  I strive for as much "grace and line" as my frozen joints will allow and my heart is placated for the time being.

Oh! the way this prima ballerina moves . . . !  She makes me weep with mingled delight and regret.  Not only is she an otherworldly talent, she came back from a serious injury, a childbirth, and a two year furlough, to conquer her body and the stage again.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Offering

Hello, dear blogosphere friends.  I have been away attending to some freelance work for the past couple of months.  I don't have much to report on that, as it's still in the developmental phase, but things have calmed down on that front so I'm returning to my little blog for a bit.

I do have some independent new work to share.  My latest embossing, "The Offering"

From Philotechnical
I'm still trying to pinpoint what causes some areas to stand out more than others despite using what feels like the same amount of pressure.  For example, compare the torso to the horse body below: the horse's hooves popped out wonderfully. Though I love the detail and delicacy of the human torso, I would like him to be as prominent as the horse body.
From Philotechnical

From Philotechnical
I was very pleased with the delicacy of his wings and feathers overall.  A lot of experimenting went into the final effect.
From Philotechnical

From Philotechnical
That's all for today!  Have a lovely weekend!
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