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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Uliana Lopatkina

Exaggerated as this may sound,  it is true: I have, in my thirty-three years of life, actually experienced nearly everything I could have wished, and some things I did not wish, but cannot regret.

Everything except one: learning ballet.  I never had ambitions to being a ballerina, I simply wanted to know how to be a ballerina - to be able to create moving, elegant, precise, and emotional forms with my own body as the medium.

I am well past the prime time (about 25 years ago would have been ideal) to have subjugated my joints to the ludicrous flexibility ballet demands.  I have found some measured contentment in unearthing my buried talent in yoga.  Forget the strength and health benefits!  I strive for as much "grace and line" as my frozen joints will allow and my heart is placated for the time being.

Oh! the way this prima ballerina moves . . . !  She makes me weep with mingled delight and regret.  Not only is she an otherworldly talent, she came back from a serious injury, a childbirth, and a two year furlough, to conquer her body and the stage again.


{Tara} said...

Oh, I completely understand your feeling about ballet. In undergrad, I embarrassingly attempted to take a ballet class (mind you, I had NEVER taken any kind of dance class before) and I was a miserable failure (read: I dropped out). I was disheartening because I actually loved putting on the ballet shoes and pretending for a very brief moment that I was graceful and lithe...

Catherine said...

Tara, you have all my admiration for trying - I haven't even done that! We'll have to start a "secret ballerina society" for women who privately dance in front of their mirrors when no one's looking and dream of tutus.

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