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Friday, July 10, 2009

I "heart" a new artist: Jennifer Khoshbin

I "hearted" the artist Jennifer Khoshbin on Etsy a while ago, after only briefly perusing her items. Today, I went over to her site and what a tender treat! Her work is so intimate, delicate. She reminds me of paper-cut artists Jen Stark and Su Blackwell,but she has built upon their innovations by adding sound. Don't miss her lovely "intonation" pieces: books outfitted with music box parts (with soundclips available), "transformation" (scroll down to the beetles), or her magnificent machine-embossings and paper carvings in "illustration".

Visit her Etsy store here.

Ooo, she just makes me want to head home and create all kinds of new things! But alas, must attend to the work at hand.


[Tara] said...

Wonderful! Like delicate pop-up books! I love your costume widget over there on the side by-the-way!

Renee of the Fae said...

She is incredible. So many different mediums and all so skillfully worked. It's like you two are kindred.

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