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Monday, July 6, 2009

La muse s'appelle . . .

Persephone - "Percy" for short. For many reasons - which Wikipedia lays out much more concisely than I ever will.

Here's my favorite reason to call her this: Plato calls her Pherepapha (Φερέπαφα) in his Cratylus, "because she is wise and touches that which is in motion".

Thanks again for all your suggestions!

Here's the embossing I created for the winner of the drawing, Renee. The actual figuring in the peice is probably no more than two inches wide, which made her face a bit of a challenge - it's only a few sixteenths of an inch! Overall size is about 3"x4".


Anonymous said...

I thought about it, but what I knew about her didn't really sound very creative.

The myth I'm familiar with portrays a young lady abducted by the lord of the Underworld, Hades, causing her mother Demeter to be very depressed. She (Demeter)is the goddess of fertility. Because during her abduction Persephone eats some fruit in the underworld she's not able to come back to the surface permanently, being condemned to spend several month a year in the Underworld. Explaining the changes in the seasons by Demeter's mood depending on where Persephone is (Underworld for Winter).

I found this in Wikipedia which sounds like a great reason for this name to be appropriate, though: "in Roman mythology she was called Proserpina, and as such became an emblematic figure of the Renaissance".

So welcome to our world, Percy, may you inspire Cat as you inspired many others back then.

ruthie said...

a perfect name for your muse & beautiful work as ever

Renee of the Fae said...

Persephone! So sweet. Makes sense, too, actually; being the illusive little darling she be.
Such an incredible piece! I truly adore her and she's found her home right above the light switch next to my bedroom door. You've inspired me to get back onto that art horse! Thank you again.

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