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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Merci mes amis!

I actually have some new artwork to post, but alas! it is buried in the rubble heap that is my new apartment.  It will turn up soon.

I wanted to do a special post for a few precious followers who have been so kind and supportive lately with their comments.  Tara, Renee, Sherri, and Ruthie . . .

And here are some bits and bobs I thought you might find inspiring.

First "Danse Macabre" conducted and arranged by Leopold Stokowski and recorded in 1925.  Listen to it here.
Via Morbid Anatomy and Dinosaur Gardens.

And a scene from a masterful Russian animated movie, Konjek-Gorbunok from the studio Soyuzmultfilm. Byzantine Russian palaces, firebirds, magic horses . . . I grew up watching this fluid, sparkling gem. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


KIRSTEN HASSENFELD - traverse more of her worlds here. Reminds me of Tord Bjoonte.

Kirsten Hassenfeld

And this is already all over the internet but bears repeating:

Wataru Itou - via Dark Roasted Blend

My own attempts at paper sculpture are entirely dwarfed by the above paper or paper-like engineering feats. Truly, these have inspired me to try again.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Circumspectively returning to virtual life . . .

The Martyrdom of Saint Cecilia, Stefano Maderno
© RĂ©mi Jouan, CC-BY-SA, GNU Free Documentation License, Wikimedia Commons

In my art blog-wanderings today, stumbled across St. Cecilia - patron saint of music, as well as that of musicians, composers, instrument makers, poets, and the blind - who reportedly continued to sing despite her severed head.  Hmm.  I'm not so sure it couldn't have happened.

The months that have passed since I last posted anything in the virtual world have been full and heavy indeed. So many things have "died" of late - metaphorically and literally.  But I sit on a deep hoard of hope.  Not the desperate hope that clings to having everything resolved according to my demands, or the wishful kind of hope that expects to win a lottery, but the kind of hope that rides through the storms of life and gives life and joy. 

My heart still sings despite its severed state.

I hope to be creating and posting artwork again soon and to finally get my revamped Etsy store stocked.  Until next time, have a wondrous day!
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