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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Blessing

The Blessing

I have recently returned to my little Sketchbook project.  I started this particular silhouette some months ago but didn't finish it until last weekend.  A rather emotionally harrowing experience over the weekend made this piece suddenly come together, as if it were almost prophetic.  Sometimes we must put down our weapons and walk into the lion's den.  We know we will come out missing a limb, but the horror is still as potent when it actually happens.  And then you realize it was for a reason . . . maybe one you'll never witness for yourself . . . but a reason none-the-less.  And you are transformed into something you did not imagine was even possible.

A few more new pieces will be posted soon.  And here is a new poseable soft-sculpture in my Etsy store.  

Grace and adventure to you all today!
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