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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Feeding

Another little entry in my mini-sketchbook, started about the same time as "the Blessing", and finished just before it.  Curious to know what you guys may think it means.  I'm not sure myself.

And here is a little completed-in-two-minutes-collage-exercise, inspired by my current Mania of the Moment, Joseph Cornell. My husband and I collaboratively whipped it up from bits and bobs around our house. Every piece has a story - some are unknown - but they all add up to a small part of "us."


Tracey Clarke said...

Your sketches are exquisite...just amazing. I love work that isn't obvious....

Love the J.C. tribute....wasn't he amazing?

Renee of the Fae said...

"The grass seems greener." When we are decked out in our finest, the simplest things give us pause for reflection and vice verse. Yet, both forms are inherently beautiful; the form of the pure being that is human and the pomp of the most decorated bird. Alone they have their own loveliness; side by side their complexities and simplicities are all the more complimentary in their contrasts. We gaze at what we "might be" or "could have, if only...," yet in refusing to look at and appreciate what we have within, we become faceless (as a silhouette.)

{Tara} said...

Your drawings truly make me swoon -- you are a modern-day decadent! The peacock always holds associations of Oscar Wilde and the 1880's Aesthetic Movement for me.

betty jordan wester said...

i really can't believe your work. it's just so beautiful.

Catherine said...

Tracy: JC is phenomenal - Oh for his sense of balance, color, and texture!

Renee: you are so deep. Love what you bring out of what you see.

Tara: I don't know if I could have received a more exhilarating compliment! Beardsley holds quite a lot of "sway" in the courts of my creativity.

Betty: So honored by your comment - I just visited your blog - what a talent you are!

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