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Thursday, April 16, 2009


From Philotechnical

The Spinner

From Philotechnical

The Weaver

From Philotechnical

The Embroiderer

"Philotechnical" means "love of the arts" and these ink silhouettes are my homage to Craft, beginning with the crafts nearest my heart. As a former costume designer and fashion illustrator, textiles are dear to me. I have a deep admiration for/fascination with the processes that bring textiles into being.

I was inspired to create these silhouettes after admiring some of my favorite papercut artists. Looking for subject matter to make this style my own, I decided to peruse the internet for ancient Greek red-figure pottery. The graceful, precise lines, fine details, and beautiful balance of positive and negative space on these vessels captured my imagination and the depiction of rituals, stories, and daily tasks started me down my creative path. So I also have some ambitions to make silhouettes of musicians, calligraphers, sculptors, cooks, and on and on . . .

The originals for "The Weaver" and "The Spinner" have already been sold but "The Embroiderer" is still available in my Etsy store, and I hope to have prints made of the others soon.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

These are wonderful! Bravo!
I have so enjoyed perusing your lovely blog. I shall return.

Merisi said...

These intricate figures of yours are worthy to be mentioned with Lotte Reiniger, incredibly beautiful!

I enjoyed the post below, about Reiniger (she lived from 1899 to 1981). This documentary is a real treasure, thank you for bringing it to our attention!

I also would like to thank you for your kind comment on my blog. On days when there would be a dozen reasons for not publishing a post, I remember readers like you are. It is always a joy reading and visiting you.

Greetings to you and my beloved hometown of so many years! :-)

ruthie said...

these are so beautiful, delicate & full of incredible details. fascinating to read about your inspiration too, thank you

Sujata said...

Wow! very nice post.

Renee of the Fae said...

Simply beautiful.

[Tara] said...

Your work is truly stunning! It has a wonderful intricacy, and reminds me a little bit of Aubrey Beardsley [one of my favorites!]

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