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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Inside my disorder

I have been fighting a losing battle with my ancient camera. Thanks to House of Trouble's modest revenues, however, I now have a shiny, new, tiny, awesome, RED camera on the way. I will soon begin posting progress on personal projects.

In the meantime, I've been wanting to post some original work; my last few posts have been just visual meanderings around the web. I needed something that would scan decently and thought my personal art journal might work nicely.

So here's a sampling of where my creative process starts. I was rather surprised, myself, at how much writing I do. I have to be careful about sketching ideas - I unwittingly end up doing the best version the first time I put it down and then can't recreate it satisfactorily in better materials. Too many of my favorite sketches are on the backs of bulletins and work memos. So I describe my ideas to myself in my journal.

I tried to cover up the most personal stuff, for my own sake. If you're afraid of TMI, may I suggest not zooming in.

Have a bizarre day!


Sherri said...

at first glance the top two remind me of a map in an old book to a far away world.

Catherine said...

Ha! Perhaps they are, Sherri! Now whether or not one should follow them to that far-away world is another question . . . .

ruthie said...

Oh my! i have from somewhere or another come across your blog & your work - a very lucky chance! Beautiful both! Your papercut work is so very beautiful.

Catherine said...

Thank you, Ruthie! Will pop over to your blog in a moment. So lovely to share in the creative-cosmos with you.

Merisi said...

I used to lose so many of my scribblings until I finally resolved to always carry a soft-cover Moleskin with me (I have used the hard-cover version, but oftentimes I felt they were too heavy to shlep around all the time).

Naturally, I had to zoom in on your notebook, to check for threads. Seems you are notebook-carrying member of the tribe. ;-)

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