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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Naming the Muse: An Embossing Give-Away!

I would like to invite you to participate in a very important decision: a name for my muse. To honor this sacred event (a little snickering as I type that) I'm going to do my first give-away. The prize will be a 4"x4" embossing which I will create for the winner.

To participate, please make your name suggestion by commenting on this post. A little exposition on meaning or why you think it's the perfect name would be welcome.

*Gentle Facebook Readers, please go directly to the blog to comment if you would like to be entered in the drawing. (Click on the title and you should be taken directly to this post.) Facebook comments will not be entered in the drawing for the prize but the names suggested will certainly be considered for the muse.

The winner of the personalized embossing will be randomly selected from all comments that suggest a new name. So the more new and original recommendations you make, the better your chance of winning. Comments about an already suggested name will not be counted. Comments must be received by 5:00 am EST, Monday, June 15th. The contest winner will be announced later that day. Whoever wins must then contact me about your embossing within 48 hours. If I do not hear from the first winner, another name will be drawn. Instructions for contacting me will be on the post announcing the winner.

As to the name I actually choose for my muse . . . wait on. I see another give-away in my future.

Now, for your consideration - this muse's characteristics:
Willful, deeply loyal and oddly fearless but very slothful, insanely fun to ride, wiry, aloof, illusive, distracted, mercurial, original but not witty, vaguely annoying but deeply endearing


Renee of the Fae said...

I must say that I believe Puck embodies all of these characteristics. Mischievous, little fae that he be, he remained loyal not only to his master Oberon, but first and foremost to himself. He was often off on his own agenda, but would come when his master was not willing to wait one more instant. So, my vote is the name Puck. *^_^*

Liz said...

Penelope. I have no references or inspiration for this name except that the name sounds mischievous yet is too cute to hate. :)

Anonymous said...

Merlot. Tastes and looks wonderful but makes you red in the face and gives you headaches in the morning. :)

Catherine said...

For Tracy - Parousia--literal Greek "presence" or "arrival," as in a visit from royalty. Used in the New Testament to refer to the Second Coming of Christ.

Catherine said...

For Tracy - Minerva--goddess of Wisdom

Catherine said...

For Tracy - Obelia, which means "pillar" or "needle" in Greek. I saw it as a pillar of strength or a reference to the sewing and embroidery.

Renee of the Fae said...

Liz, I think I know why Penelope sounds cute yet mischievous. There is a Christina Ricci film of the same name with a very strong message and heroine, but very fantastic and faerie tale feel. It is quite lovely! *^_^*

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