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Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Little Something to Make Your Day More Bizarre

Found via one of my favorite blogs, Dark Roasted Blend and right in line with my general train of imaginary wanderings this week.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Animation Meditation

I have been thwarted at every turn artistically this week. The congestion in my ear and head have conspired to keep me napping despite some very inspiring ideas. I find this ridiculously frustrating. Time for a little calming therapy. Enjoy "The Merry Circus" by papercut artist Jiri Trnka

Friday, March 20, 2009

Already behind on posting . . . . I do have a legitimate excuse, though. Bit o' cold brought on by too many late nights with an old friend over the weekend. Some Etsy orders have been coming in this week - this a relief since I thought my shop had been entirely forgotten in cyberspace! Here's a few things I've been musing on this week; have been on a bit of a carnival-kick lately. Hope to post some updates on my work soon.

From top to bottom: - gladiator bird, raven

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Project That Can Travel

This originally began as a piece to submit to The Sketchbook Project Essentially, Art House Cooperative sent each participating artist a tiny moleskin sketchbook, a theme and some very minimal boundaries, and in return the artists made artwork out of the sketchbooks and submitted them to the show to tour around the country. I didn't make the deadline for submission and rather regret it. We won't get into my lack of discipline today.

The up-side is that this is the perfect purse-size project. It is more focused than my art-journal (another sketchbook I tend to keep with me at all times) but less bulky. I'm sticking to silhouettes and drawings in ink, embossings and paper embroidering. So, depending on the page I'm completing, I can throw in either my pigment pens, my embroidery floss and needle, or my mini embossing tools.

At present, I'm only working on silhouettes so it's my pigment pens going for a ride in the purse. I'm not as big a fan of these Staedtler pens as I am of Pigma Micron pens, but these came in a nifty case. I'm a sucker for nifty cases.

The theme for the show was "Everyone we know . . . " Here's a sampling of the parts I've finished or begun. More pics posted as I fill more of the book. Would love to hear your thoughts on them.

Thanks for rambling by!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Adventures in Daydreaming

Alexander McQueen from 2006, some lovely hand-tooled book covers, and a wonderfully mono-chromatic medieval illumination. These are the elements inspiring me this week.
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